Preview of our first MSFS package
14 July 2022 by Greg
Preview of our first MSFS package
After a lot of teasing and cautious statements, we are proud to finally announce that we're now making good progress on our first MSFS AI traffic package featuring the JYAI F-35A at RAF Lakenheath!
MAIW Christmas time is coming
13 December 2021 by gsnde
MAIW Christmas time is coming
Starting tomorrow, Tuesday 14th, we will release one FSX/P3D Conversion Pack every day until December, 31st.
Eurofighter Typhoons by JYAI team
21 September 2020 by John Young
Eurofighter Typhoons by JYAI team
I have often thought of having a go at a new Typhoon, but the numbers and variations were off putting, particularly in the light of experience with the amount of work involved with previous of my packages, like the F-35 and Tornado. Nick Black’s Typhoons have served the FS community well for many years and are available for all 3 sim versions. All credit to Nick for his work, undertaken several years back, when polygons were more constrained by PC and GPU power. Time now, I thought, to use a few more.
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Who we are

We are a loosely affiliated, international group of flightsim enthusiasts who share the common goal of seeing realistic military AI traffic in Flight Simulator and Prepar3D.

What we do

What is AI traffic?

We are a community around military AI traffic for Flight Sim and Prepar3D.
AI traffic is a collection of aircraft that are "flown" by the sim itself, not by the user, using special files.
You can create these yourself or download them from places like MAIW.

aircraft model

AI aircraft models are optimised for high frame rates, even when looking at a full flight line.

aircraft texture

Aircraft textures wrap around the models and give them actual colours, writings and other details.

effects &
flight dynamics

Flight dynamics make the aircraft models behave like the real thing, in the air and on the ground.

scenery &
airport facility data

AI aircraft park in assigned parking spots, while scenery objects make the airfields come to life.

routes &
flight plans

Flight plan files contain the routes followed by each AI aircraft from airfield to airfield.


Military pilots use cool callsigns, which you can hear in the sim thanks to voicepack mods.

Some figures

Looking to fill those empty skies and airbases with military AI traffic?
You have come to the right place!


Legacy FS2004 packages


Years of Experience


Files in our hangar


Registered users!


Please consider helping Military AI Works with a small donation.

Every cent goes to keeping our servers and software running.

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