14 July 2018 by Greg
FSX/P3D Fighter Conversions Part 2
Here's a batch of new aircraft conversion packages you've probably all been waiting for, adding some very popular fighter models to your P3Dv4 or replacing them for better performance in your FSX.
30 June 2018 by John Young
Vipers, Venoms and Cobras
We are pleased to release the final part of a project featuring the Bell Cobra light attack helicopter. Earlier this month we uploaded 36 AH-1S Cobras of the JGSDF, including updated scenery of Akeno, Kasumigaura and Kisazaru from Brent Newman. This was followed by 20 AH-1F Cobras of the Republic of Korea Army, painted by Mins, who also designed  scenery and flight plans to operate them.
13 June 2018 by Greg
FSX/P3D Bombers Conversion
Here's our next batch of FSX/P3D conversions for military AI models. This time, we bring you four different types of heavy bomber metal!
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Who we are

We are a loosely affiliated, international group of flightsim enthusiasts who share the common goal of seeing realistic military AI traffic in Flight Simulator and Prepar3D.

What we do

What is AI traffic?

We are a community around military AI traffic for Flight Sim and Prepar3D.
AI traffic is a collection of aircraft that are "flown" by the sim itself, not by the user, using special files.
You can create these yourself or download them from places like MAIW.

aircraft model

AI aircraft models are optimised for high frame rates, even when looking at a full flight line.

aircraft texture

Aircraft textures wrap around the models and give them actual colours, writings and other details.

effects &
flight dynamics

Flight dynamics make the aircraft models behave like the real thing, in the air and on the ground.

scenery &
airport facility data

AI aircraft park in assigned parking spots, while scenery objects make the airfields come to life.

routes &
flight plans

Flight plan files contain the routes followed by each AI aircraft from airfield to airfield.


Military pilots use cool callsigns, which you can hear in the sim thanks to voicepack mods.

Some figures

Looking to fill those empty skies and airbases with military AI traffic?
You have come to the right place!


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