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Simple sceneries of hard to find air bases, pt.10: Chinese Army Helicopter Bases plus various ot Simple sceneries of hard to find air bases, pt.10: Chinese Army Helicopter Bases plus various others

Created for P3Dv4.5, but should work in earlier versions. Not tested in FSX, but may work. These simple sceneries are mostly PLAGF helicopter bases with fictional ICAO codes, for which there is currently no AI traffic. A few other airfields are included to accommodate mil flightplans. ASIA: OAAK Andkhoy landing strip, OADZ Darwaz, OASD Shindand, OASH FOB Shank, AFGHANISTAN. ZSQD (new) Qingdao Jiaodong airport, ZUTF Chengdu Tianfu airport, Aopingzhen Army Helicopter, Baicheng Army Helicopter, Baoding Army Helicopter, Chenguzhuangcun/Sihong Northwest Army Heli, Dalachi Army, Deyang Army Helicopter, Huangzhuang Army Helicopter, Jiajiang Army Helicopter, ZYJM Jiamusi Dongjiao, Lhasa / Liuwuxiang Army Heli, Machang Army Helicopter, Mizhi Army Helicopter, Ngari Army Helicopter, Liaocheng Army Helicopter, Ningxia Army Helicopter, Nyingzhi Army Helicopter, Sanshui / Daliao Army, Shule / Baren Army Helicopter, Sihong Southeast Army Helicopter, Taiyuan / Wujing Jichang Army Heli., Tonghua Army Helicopter, Ürümqi / Shuimogou Army Heli, Wenshui Army Heliport, Wujiaqu Army Heliport, Wuzhong Army Heliport, Xinxiang Army Heliport, Xuzhou Huangjizhen, Zhengtang Army Heliport, Zhurihe Army, Zhurihe Army Barracks, Gaozuizi Army Exercise Area, Chongzuo Army Exercise Area, CHINA. VE46 Jagdalpur, VARP Swami Vivekananda / Raipur, VEAY Ayodhya / Faizabad, VOGB Kalaburagi, INDIA. OIKK Havanirooz 3rd Combat Base / Kerman, Heli overlay for stock OIZH Zahedan, IRAN. OEJF King Faisal Naval Base, OEJL King Abdulaziz Naval Base, SAUDI ARABIA. OM10 Sir Bani Yas Island, OMDL Delma Island, OMLW Liwa / Al Safran, UAE. RETRO ASIA: OASD Shindand, AFGHANISTAN. EUROPE: EILT Letterkenny, Ireland. LB24 Ruse / Shtraklevo (modern & retro), BULGARIA. NORTH AMERICA: MMPQ Palenque, MEXICO. See notes on the forum - , where untested FS9 versions are posted.
Created 04 July 2024
Version V.1.0
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Compatibility P3Dv4
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