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Package Saab 105 - Sweden & Austria for FSX/P3D (J Package Saab 105 - Sweden & Austria for FSX/P3D (JYAI) HOT

This package features AI Saab 105’s in use by Sweden (Saab SK-60) and Austria (Saab 105Ö). Included are 16 of the Swedish standard camouflaged trainers, plus the 7 aircraft of the Team 60 aerobatic team, the special white painted aircraft and the silver version from the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight. The Austrian component comprises the last remaining 12 aircraft, including the 3 tiger paint schemes. Some new custom scenery of Malmen (ESCF), the home base of the Saab SK-60’s is included and use is made of current MAIW scenery of Satenas (ESIB) and Ronneby (ESDF). There are a number of options for Linz (LOWL), the home base of the Austrian 105’s.Flight plans are included. Also in the package are some Swedish Black Hawk helicopters based at Malmen that operate from the helicopter runway and flight plan. A separate package for FS9 is available in the MAIW Download Hangar with the file name: JYAI_Saab

Created 08 November 2020
Version FSX_P3D_1
Size 35.74 MB
Compatibility FSX/P3Dv4
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License Freeware (Limited Distribution)