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Package Grob Prefect T1 - Royal AF FSX/P3D (J Package Grob Prefect T1 - Royal AF FSX/P3D (JYAI) HOT

This AI package features the Grob Prefect T1 that has replaced the Tutor T1 in the elementary flying training role at RAF Cranwell, progressively since 2018. Operating out of nearby RAF Barkston Heath with 57 Squadron, the aircraft are provided by Affinity Flying Training Services Ltd. This is under the UK Military Flying Training System Fixed Wing (UKMFTS) Aircraft Service Provision Contract. The aircraft is adapted from the Grob G 120 TP and 12 of the 23 RAF aircraft are included in the package. Also included are the two aircraft operated by QinetiQ (Empire Test Pilot’s School) at Boscombe Down. A separate paint kit has been uploaded if users want to tackle the G 120 TP more widely. Suitable FSX scenery of Barkston Heath by Stephen Legg & Keith Steadman is available from I have added a small tweak to allow the scenery to work with P3D. A traffic file enables the aircraft to fly circuits of Barkston Heath, visit Cranwell and perform 3 overshoots (TNGs) at Waddington, Coningsby and Cranwell before returning to Barkston Heath.

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Created 13 February 2022
Version FSX_P3D_version 1
Size 6.78 MB
Compatibility FSX/P3Dv4
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License Freeware (Limited Distribution)