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Package ROTM Futenma - USMC Bell Boeing MV-22B Osprey HOT

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Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, located in Ginowan City on the Japanese Island of Okinawa, is home to three thousand Marines and two squadrons of MV-22 tilt rotor aircraft. This package includes almost everything needed to bring Futenma to life.

Included units are VMM-262 & VMM-265 on the JYAI MV-22 model and Futenma H&HS flight on the DWAI Citation II model.

Please see the scenery installation section for a short list of object libraries needed to complete installation.

v1.1: New FDE to fix landing issues at low framerates.

v1.2: new helicopter AFCAD for TDY units, new flight plans and a FSX native version of the project


Created 04 July 2018
Changed 04 July 2018
Version 1.2
Author Brent Newman / John Young
Compatibility ALL
Size 20.34 MB
Downloads 2,206
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)