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AI Aircraft Editor AI Aircraft Editor.NET HOT

Fix 4.2.28

- New MCX DLLs
- Fixed some rare crashes
- Fixed some textures not being displayed due to MCX bug
- Now handles textures when layered like "texture.somethingtexture"
- Finally gets self-updating working by providing all needed DLLs

Fix 4.2.27

- Fixed second cause of crash on SimObject analysis
- Fixed some textures not being displayed when folder name contained ' or " characters

Fix 4.2.14 - 4.2.26

- Models and texture were wrongly reported as not found in the aircraft validation reports
- Hardening sort aircraft sections where some crashes occurred that I cannot replicate
- Preventing crashes in Model Viewer, showing notification instead
- New AutoUpdaterNET Version 1.8.5 by Ravi Patel
- Add a seperate AIAE Updater to allow to recover from situations where AIAE crashes before the internal updater could work. You find the Updater in the AIAE startmenu group.
- Rare bug when handling the texture grid
- Rare bug when renumbering sections
- Rare bug when closing animation screen
- Crash when you de-select all atc_parking_types
- Further hardening the SimObjects analysis code
- Further hardening changing the airfile type code
- Correct instability with animation loader screen
- Limited support to use AIAE with MSFS. De-select Menu Settings --> 'Strict FS9/FSX/P3D Mode' to enable this feature. ModelViewer and Effects are not supported.
- You can make a screenshots of the Model Viewer with the camera buton on the right side of the Model Viewer toolbar
- Crash when analyzing SimObject folders - many thanks to Mike @AIG, the one person willing to support me finding the bug
- Crash when an effect value consists only of character '/'
- Changes of Exits and General atc_model & atc_type not being saved
- Incorrect saved position of AIAE main screen when it is closed with Model Viewer windows open
- Model Viewer Toolbar buttons without functionality
- Aircraft details now completely cleared when changing from aircraft folder to non-aircraft folder
- various code optimizations
- Brought back missing right-click datagrid menu

 Fix 4.2.13

- Makes AIAE scalable again
- Automated Simfolders analysis disabled until root cause for crashes is identified

Fix 4.2.2 

Due to a function call that does not exists in OS below Windows 10 I have made it impossible to start AIAE on older platforms 

Updated to newest version 4.

- Application Interface restructured
- Major code rewrite to increase performance and eleminate bugs
- New: Aircraft Effect management
- P3Dv6 Support
- P3D autodiscover path support
- Utilize current MCX viewer components

Updated to newest version 3 which includes aircraft validation.

Feature list

• application is self-updating via web
• application sending crash reports back to developer (hopefully you never see this)
• detection and support for FS9/FSX/FSX-SE/P3Dv1/P3Dv2/P3Dv3
• all fields in [fltsim.x] sections editable
• for all fields where it makes sense changes can be applied to all sections
• aircraft type changeable (normal, helicopter, AI)
• error checking for selected aircraft for:
   o duplicate [fltsim.x] sections --> if duplicates found you can renumber sections
   o duplicate titles --> if duplicates found you are asked to correct this
   o [fltsim.x] sections numbered --> if sections like [] are found you can renumber sections
   o [fltsim.x] sections in sequence --> if not true you can renumber sections
   o defined models found o defined textures found
   o defined sim (*.air) files found
   o duplicate non-[fltsim.x] sections
   o duplicate [fltsim.x] keys
• renumbering of [fltsim.x] sections according to grid sorting
• sorting keys in [fltsim.x] sections
• remove all comments from aircraft.cfg
• format aircraft.cfg and align all comments at the same column
• edit wing_span value (with parking spot size calculator)
• edit FS8/FS9 model size in model file
• edit keys of the [general] section
• edit the [exits] section (needed for finger operation)
• easy removal of non-AI relevant sections
• easy removal of non-essential unwanted [fltsim.x] keys
• model viewer integrated (thank you, Arno!)
• model viewer optionally in separate window (great if you have two screens)
• texture list for currently loaded aircraft with detailed per-texture analysis (resolution, bit depth, compression, mips)
• texture viewer in separate window
• option to define external texture editor
• backup aircraft.cfg before each change
• removal option for aircraft.cfg backups
• logging of all AIAE.NET operations
• optional tooltip help for every AIAE.NET element aiae_12 aiae_23
Created 16 March 2024
Version V.4.3.2
Size 6.4 MB
Compatibility ALL
Author Martin Gossmann
Downloads 4,862
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)