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Created: 22 August 2015
Author: Nick Black
Compatibility: FS9
Version: 1.0

This freeware AI add-on from Military AI Works is another part in a series of releases charting the Export versions of the British Aerospace Hawk jet fighter trainer. The fourth part of this series is brought to you in 4 separate sub-parts covering the Hawks of the Middle East. This part covers Hawks of the Royal Air Force of Oman.

As a “Special Bonus” feature, this package also includes, repaints, models and flightplans for the F-16s and Jaguars based at RAFO Thumrait, as well as a new AFCAD for Thumrait (OOTH).

Created: 22 August 2015
Author: Mark Campbell
Compatibility: FS9
Version: 2.0

This freeware AI package, produced by Military AI Works contains everything needed to fully activate Royal Air Force Of Oman - 1 Squadron, Sultan Qaboos Flying Academy, RAFO Masirah PC-9 aircraft traffic. Package contains afcads, flightplans and custom voice pack call signs for RAFO. This is version 2 of this package the first being released in 2008; this version includes the brand new KRMG PC-9M model making its debut here. Included in this package are 12 PC-9’s which is four more than the previous version. To spruce up the airfield at RAFO Masirah, there is library created scenery included.