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Created: 02 December 2015
Author: Martin Gossmann
Compatibility: ALL
Version: 2.2.4

AI Aircraft Editor (AIAE) is a program for both aircraft developers and for people who like to add aircraft into their FS setup. It allows easy modification of the [fltsim.x] sections. You can check that the [fltsim.x] sequence is correct and re-number the sections in case it is not. AIAE allows to change the wingspan size for FS9 aircraft (in the model file) and for FSX aircraft (in the aircraft.cfg). A further feature is the detailed validation that you can run on a selected aircraft or all aircraft below a given root folder. The validations checks for missing and unused textures, models and air files, duplicate titles etc. The report is fully configurable and very fast. The last addition is the viewer component from Arno Gerretsen. Now you can see the visual representation of the aircraft. Thank you very much, Arno!

Created: 13 April 2022
Author: Martin Gossmann
Compatibility: ALL
Version: V.3.3.52

Updated to newest version which includes aircraft validation.

Feature list

• application is self-updating via web
• application sending crash reports back to developer (hopefully you never see this)
• detection and support for FS9/FSX/FSX-SE/P3Dv1/P3Dv2/P3Dv3
• all fields in [fltsim.x] sections editable
• for all fields where it makes sense changes can be applied to all sections
• aircraft type changeable (normal, helicopter, AI)
• error checking for selected aircraft for:
   o duplicate [fltsim.x] sections --> if duplicates found you can renumber sections
   o duplicate titles --> if duplicates found you are asked to correct this
   o [fltsim.x] sections numbered --> if sections like [] are found you can renumber sections
   o [fltsim.x] sections in sequence --> if not true you can renumber sections
   o defined models found o defined textures found
   o defined sim (*.air) files found
   o duplicate non-[fltsim.x] sections
   o duplicate [fltsim.x] keys
• renumbering of [fltsim.x] sections according to grid sorting
• sorting keys in [fltsim.x] sections
• remove all comments from aircraft.cfg
• format aircraft.cfg and align all comments at the same column
• edit wing_span value (with parking spot size calculator)
• edit FS8/FS9 model size in model file
• edit keys of the [general] section
• edit the [exits] section (needed for finger operation)
• easy removal of non-AI relevant sections
• easy removal of non-essential unwanted [fltsim.x] keys
• model viewer integrated (thank you, Arno!)
• model viewer optionally in separate window (great if you have two screens)
• texture list for currently loaded aircraft with detailed per-texture analysis (resolution, bit depth, compression, mips)
• texture viewer in separate window
• option to define external texture editor
• backup aircraft.cfg before each change
• removal option for aircraft.cfg backups
• logging of all AIAE.NET operations
• optional tooltip help for every AIAE.NET element

Created: 08 February 2016
Compatibility: FSX
Version: V.2.0

A detailed installation guide describing the necessary steps to install MAIW packages into FSX.

Created: 27 October 2023
Author: Martin Gossmann
Compatibility: FSX/P3Dv4
Version: V.1.0

A detailed tutorial describing the necessary steps to create an airport on top of a static carrier.