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IDF Ben Gurion HOT

This freeware AI package, produced by Military AI Works contains everything needed to fully activate the Israeli Air Force units operating out of Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion and Sde Dov airports.  It includes flightplans for 103/131squadrons (C-130s / KC-130), 100/135 squadrons (Beech 200T) 191 squadron (Beech RC-12), 122 squadron (Gulfstream V), 120 squadron (Boeing KC-707), 134 squadron (Boeing RC-707) and 195 squadron (IAI Seascans).

Created 21 August 2015
Changed 20 January 2016
Version 1.0
Author John Burtenshaw
Compatibility FS9
Size 7.4 MB
Downloads 1,757
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)