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IDF Part 6 - Tel Nof Air Base HOT

Tel Nof Air Base was founded in July 1939 during the British Mandate as RAF Aqir and served as the main Royal Air Force station in Palestine. It is located near the “city of science" Rehovot in central Israel.

The base is the primary operational and training center for all IDF paratroop forces, as well as the home of Unit 699 (a.k.a. Maslul), the Israeli Defense Force Airborne Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) unit under the Special Air Force Command (KAHAM). The ORT Israel - the Administration for Research and Development and Training - operates the Air Force Industry School at Tel Nof.

In addition to the two operational squadrons on F-15, Tel Nof is home to the MANAT evaluation unit which conducts flight testing and evaluation of aircraft and weapons systems. This unit is designated as the 601 squadron.

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