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IDF Part 7 - Nevatim Air Base HOT

Nevatim Israeli Air Force Base, is an Israeli Air Force base located southeast of Be'er Sheva, near moshav Nevatim. It was built as a rough runway in 1947 and was named Malhata. It was reopened in 1983 as a new modern airbase with 2 runways as the result of joint Israeli and US government funding as part of the IAF's redeployment out of its bases in the Sinai, after it was returned to Egypt, following the Camp David Accords.

Since 2003 the base has gradually received more squadrons of F-16s. A third runway was built in the mid-2000s decade as part of a project to accommodate the transfer of military activities previously taking place at Ben Gurion International Airport, to Nevatim. Israel's fleet of Lockheed Martin F-35-I will be based in Nevatim starting in 2015.

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