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AI Dassault Mirage IV - Royal AF IVK/S (MPAI) HOT

Royal Air Force Dassault Mirage IVK/S. I present a comprehensive AI traffic model package for Marcel Dassault's follow-on to the immensely successful Mirage III family. Built in 1959, this aircraft served for over 40 years in the roles of strategic nuclear deterrence and strategic reconnaisance. An original 7-LOD model pays homage to this aircraft in the flightsim world. This package is a speculative study, if you will, of the might-have-been progression of this aircraft. The RAF expressed interest in the Mirage IV in the 1960s, but re-engined with the Rolls-Royce Spey turbofan which powered their versions of the F-4 Phantom II. Additionally, exploration was made to use technology from the unsuccessful BAC TSR project for the RAF Mirage IV. This package represents two variants, the Mirage IVK, essentially the IVA with RR Spey engines; and the Mirage IVS, the more re-designed aircraft incorporating some of the BAC TSR technology. Ultimately, this proposed variant did not become reality. In addition to the RAF, Israel, India, and France expressed interest, so paints from all four countries are included. Loadouts are generous, covering heavy strategic bombing, electronic warfare, precision strike, and the original nuclear and recce configurations. In total, there are 32 models and 50 repaints in this package. Lastly, I am including layered Photoshop paint kits for all variants in this package. Original aircraft model, flight dynamics, some effects, and textures by Michael Pearson; tremendous amounts of help from Michael MacIntyre and Frank Safranek.
Created 30 January 2016
Version 1.0
Author Michael Pearson
Compatibility FS9
Size 29.21 MB
Downloads 620
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)