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Will This Work . . . . .

Posted: 09 Dec 2019, 02:11
by Joecoastie
in P3D? I am thinking of downloading it. :lol:


Re: Will This Work . . . . .

Posted: 09 Dec 2019, 09:09
by msm8378
Lol...Brings back a memory for me from my time on active duty in the US Army back in the early 1980's.

I was attending the US Air Force Strategic Deployment Course at Tinker AFB and saw a plywood mock-up of a C-5B Cockpit that pilots used for practice and procedures certifications.

Back then computers were just starting to take hold, but 99% of everything we did was still on paper.

To move people and equipment we had to use paper cutouts for load planning on C-130, C-141, and C-5 aircraft and fill out the dreaded red/white Dash-2's for hazardous cargo items.

Those were the days!