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1980s Mildenhall Tankers

Posted: 02 Dec 2019, 10:03
by VulcanDriver
Hi Guys

Which tanker units were based at EGUN during the 1980s. I assume they were KC-135As plus KC-135Qs for the SR-71s based at the Hall.

Also any other units based there.


Re: 1980s Mildenhall Tankers

Posted: 18 Dec 2019, 23:43
by sp762
I have a book on this. Will respond in the morning.

Re: 1980s Mildenhall Tankers

Posted: 19 Dec 2019, 07:39
by VulcanDriver
Thank you

Re: 1980s Mildenhall Tankers

Posted: 19 Dec 2019, 08:15
by sp762
According to “Superbase 5: Mildenhall” Davies and Vines, 1989

European Tanker Task Force
KC-135A, KC-135E, KC-10A, KC-135R

Looks like there were no permanent members, but birds on TDY rotation.
410BW, 452 Air Refuelling Wing, 19AREFW, 68AREFW, 2BW,

KC-135Q supplying Jet 7 to SR71, operated by 9SRW, 349 and 350 Air Refuelling Squadron

10th Airborne Command & Comtrol SQN
EC135H. (Also refuellers) callsign AXE


10 annual rotation starting in the spring. 61 Tactical Airlift SQN, C130E
European Eagle scheduled AirLift. Visiting US bases in UK, Italy, Spain, West Germany twice weekly.

456MAW, 436MAW
C-5A (ex Dover AB)

437, 438, 63MAW

Naval Air Facility
3x Beech US-12. (KA35)

Also seen

Sky warrior, A-10, C-21A, C-12F, E-3B, C-23 (callsign POKEY)

Hope that helps.

Question: Is it possible to port these retro flight plans into the MATRIX?

Re: 1980s Mildenhall Tankers

Posted: 19 Dec 2019, 08:24
by sp762
Oh, I have the same vintage of information for Ramstein, Barksdale and USAFE as an overview, if that’s useful to anyone.

Re: 1980s Mildenhall Tankers

Posted: 20 Dec 2019, 23:18
by VulcanDriver
Thanks for the info. I'll correct my FPs.