Model Update: RWAI A-10C Thunderbolt II

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Model Update: RWAI A-10C Thunderbolt II

Post by Greg »

Here's the link to the model update of the RWAI A-10C.

Download link

This is the same link as the one that has been on the MAIW home page in the "Special Releases" column since its release on 27Feb11, but moved here for convenience.

This updated model is based on the original source files of the A-10 model created by Rysiek Winawer in 2006. It was part of MAIW's first official package release back in 2006.

The updated models feature reflective canopies, new modern weapons loadouts, additional LOD1 details and more. In all there are twenty-two new model variations for you to choose from including two special test model variations. The models also make use of the original A-10 textures so no new repaints will be required.
This is a non-traditional MAIW style package in that it does not include flight plans or AFD files for a given unit or base. Only the actual model files and required files are included in this package. As always the MAIW auto installer will automatically add the new models to your FS9 folder. Please be sure to follow the instructions provided in the Readme file. In addition this package includes an extensive research document by Marco Kosterman that documents the model status of all active A-10 units around the world at the time of release.

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