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RN Merlin Update

Posted: 21 Jul 2021, 09:51
by VulcanDriver
Since the beginning of the year the Royal Navy have brought the Merlin AEW into service with 820 NAS. It's home base is the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the ships name is on the nose. Until someone creates a model of the ship, they occupy Culdrose. The model's radome the "bag" lowers in flight.


Also at this time there are only two Merlin ASW squadrons in service. These are 814 NAS that flies all the Merlins, and 824 NAS used for training. The updated textures reflect this. The flightplans also reflect this change

I have included instruction to remove how to update the Culdrose scenery.


There are also two flights using the frigate version from HMS Argyll and Lancaster. These are available in the HMS Ark Royal Task Force - Royal Navy package on the downloads page