Textures bleeding through

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Textures bleeding through

Post by gsnde »

I have a fictional airport in Germany, made with ADE.

I test in two versions.

1. P3Dv3 pure
2. P3dv45 with Hotfix and OrbX Germany North

The problem is, that in P3Dv45 in parts of the airport the ground textures are bleeding through. But only in a tight circle around the aircraft. The issue moves with the aircraft. As soon as the aircraft is moved away from one point, the bleeding goes away as well.

I googled that and found the explanation that this is an FSX bug. That this only happens with texture resolution set to 7cm.

I found that far fetched, but tried it anyway. And indeed, as soon as the resolution is reduced to 30cm the issue is gone.

But this can't be the solution. Can anybody give me any explanation or workaround?
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