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FAQ and Rules

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FAQ and Rules

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Requests & Release Dates
Ah, requests and release dates, my favorite subject. In short, they are not allowed here on the board. Why? It drives me crazy and it's really a slap in the face to all the hard work that these folks put into flight sim. Requests like "When are you going to create a MiG-28?" trivialize about 6 months of work for the modeler, package creator and testers. That's right, six months.

"When will we see a package with [insert my favorite airfield here]?" Even without new models it can still take many, many months to release. I have personally spent at least 40 working hours and sometimes more on a package...and that's just to put the thing together. That doesn't include the testers time and myriad other personnel who make a release possible.

So, unless we go to a pay system and you deposit $500 and $1,500 into the MAIW PayPal account (cost of package/model - pulled out of my ass) please do not make or infer any kind of requests.

Note: If you're a Graham King, Chris Jones, Nick Black or other super contributor to the sim...well, they can request all they want. They have earned that right. It may not happen but they can certainly ask. If you have to ask if you have that legendary status in the game, then the answer is no.

Political Talk
Simply not allowed because 1) it's off topic and 2) it generates a lot of heat. If you want to talk politics, go to and hit up the politics tab.

Posting in the Proper Forum
Please look at the forum name and see if your topic belongs there. It will save the moderator time from having to move it and you from wondering where your post went.

Thanks and have a great time here. There are a lot of awesome people from all over the world who share your joy for the series.
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