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Package BAC Jet Provosts and Strikemasters for FS9 (JYAI)

This package features the BAC Jet Provost training aircraft of the Royal Air Force in the period 1989-1991 approximately. Also included are 16 Strikemasters of the Royal New Zealand Air Force and 16 more of the Royal Saudi Air Force. The RAF is represented by 3 models, the T.3A/T4, the T.5A with the pressurized cockpit and the T.5B navigation trainer. 76 paints are included as are flight plans for use with currently available scenery. Two variations of each Jet Provost model are provided, one with a dual crew and the other with a solo pilot. The Strikemasters also have two model variations – “loaded” and “pylons only”. A separate package for FSX and P3Dv4 is in:

Created 01 February 2020
Changed 04 February 2020
Version FS9 1
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Compatibility FS9
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