Invisible Aircraft

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Invisible Aircraft

Post by jetrange »

For some reason in FSX, native aircraft like the converted C-130, fighters, other airliners, default aircraft, and even fighter jet canopies turn invisible with only lights and other details showing.

Does anyone else have the same problem and is there a way to fix this?

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Re: Invisible Aircraft

Post by Firebird »

There is a load of stuff about this 'feature' if you search the net for it. It is due to non-FSX compiled scenery if the aircraft is on the ground and a default setting if in the air.

I did a quick search and found 3 in one thread.
1. Disable the option: "Aircrafts cast their shadows on the ground"
2. Running in DX9 mode instead of DX10 mode.
3. This involves amending your FSX.cfg file. Under the [Scenery] section add SmallPartRejectRadius=1.

This last one is because the default setting for the original FSX was 0, under latter versions it was altered to 2. Which means that parts would disappear if they are 2 pixels or smaller.
Setting this to 1 should improve it, setting it to 0 will eliminate it all together but both will incur a performance hit.

It sounds like it is one way that MS improved the performance of the game. If you remember the amount of people that said the original release was unusable.
Personally I would start with the last one to see the difference rather than take away the other features.
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