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by Victory103
29 Apr 2021, 20:52
Forum: MAIW Package Support For FS9
Topic: Real World Changes to MAIW packages
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Re: Real World Changes to MAIW packages

In my P3D set up, I only paints on the KRAI F-15E model for "SJ". All the Nellis jets are JYAI models.
by Victory103
28 Apr 2021, 21:06
Forum: AI Repaints
Topic: C-5M Galaxy
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Re: C-5M Galaxy

The original AMC East/West does need an update, I have tried with adjusting FPs but my lame paints are not worth pushing out so the tail# is at least at the correct location. I thought someone did the NC and PA ANG C-17s, not sure if ever uploaded.
by Victory103
28 Apr 2021, 01:16
Forum: AI Repaints
Topic: C-5M Galaxy
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Re: C-5M Galaxy

The updated pack a few tails for Travis, many of the Dover M's are spread to other units but those were not all painted yet. ... per-galaxy
by Victory103
20 Apr 2021, 21:15
Forum: AI Aircraft Design
Topic: WSMG AI F-16 preview
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Re: WSMG AI F-16 preview

Mike, ran into similar issues trying to spread out the old Hill Vipers to their new homes and stand up Holloman by moving Luke/Hill/etc jets around. Much like scramble, not all of the databases on are updated (not sure if someone on scramble uses that site).
by Victory103
15 Apr 2021, 21:29
Forum: Scenery Design
Topic: Static TH-57 SeaRanger
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Re: Static TH-57 SeaRanger

The JS South Whiting scenery for FS9 had static TH-57s (non-AI, although I tried to make them fly).
by Victory103
01 Apr 2021, 19:44
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: On balance...
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Re: On balance...

Can only imagine the paint costs, but agree it would be cool to have a C-17 in WWII colors. At a minimum, at least a tail flash change.
by Victory103
23 Mar 2021, 21:33
Forum: MAIW FSX/P3D Package Conversion
Topic: Taking a break from conversion packaging
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Re: Taking a break from conversion packaging

Thanks for all the work thus far as I continue to enjoy adding packages to my P3Dv4 set up. Is there a master list on your site of models in the conversion pipeline?
by Victory103
04 Mar 2021, 20:46
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Metal Bros.
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Re: Metal Bros.

Great job done mins, hope to see a few more updates of other models as well.
by Victory103
02 Mar 2021, 03:56
Forum: JYAI
Topic: Aerospatiale Gazelle
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Re: Aerospatiale Gazelle

Just finished checking the packages for Bosnia, at LQSV two SOKO Gaz sat for 15mins with lights on but didn't move. At another airport (stock P3Dv4.5 airport), 2 others sat the same amount of time with no movement. Serb and Mont versions with scenery seem to be flying fine. I'll look over the ADE fo...
by Victory103
25 Feb 2021, 21:20
Forum: AI Repaints
Topic: My repaints
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Re: My repaints

Thanks miljan, just reading up on the Su-25 and about to start adding them into P3D for all current users of the Frogfoot.
by Victory103
22 Feb 2021, 23:09
Forum: General Projects
Topic: Mirage 2000 AI project for P3Dv4-5
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Re: Mirage 2000 AI project for P3Dv4-5

Popped them in P3Dv4 last night for a quick look, just as nice as the real delta jet.
by Victory103
17 Feb 2021, 22:04
Forum: JYAI
Topic: Aisounds
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Re: Aisounds

I use a variation of this on Avsim mixed with some of the sounds from the AIG OCI program:

Has a deeper turbo prop sound over the default King Air.
by Victory103
05 Feb 2021, 22:36
Forum: Scenery Design
Topic: A few P3Dv4 ADE'S
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Re: A few P3Dv4 ADE'S

Thanks Pete, I do the same and find out how behind I am on P3D scenery even with the HTAI versions. I seem to be jumping all over the AI world lately!
by Victory103
04 Feb 2021, 17:42
Forum: MAIW Matrix Support
Topic: Project abandoned (for now)
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Re: Project abandoned (for now)

I can't imagine the knowledge required to design Matrix in the first place, but I was beyond excited to see the program work and ease my P3D install. Knowing the whole time it was a work in progress, I patiently waited. Like Tim, I also just started adding packages as more models were converted and ...
by Victory103
28 Jan 2021, 17:47
Forum: JYAI
Topic: Agusta A109's
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Re: Agusta A109's

Nice, liking the "splinter" style.
by Victory103
27 Jan 2021, 02:47
Forum: Scenery Design
Topic: Making heli AFD overlay
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Re: Making heli AFD overlay

Following this as I just looked over the vast ADE nothingness that is Turkish Army Aviation in my P3D set up. I need have proper bases for the recent TAAC/Turk Navy repaints by Ray.
by Victory103
23 Jan 2021, 17:05
Forum: AI Repaints
Topic: Turkish S-70A-28D
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Re: Turkish S-70A-28D

Huge thanks!
by Victory103
20 Jan 2021, 21:13
Forum: General Projects
Topic: Nimrod AI project for P3D (and FSX)
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Re: Nimrod AI project for P3D (and FSX)

Wish I could remember the tail# of the Nimrod I partied in post air show at NAS Brunswick, ME in the late 90s. Great job on the model.
by Victory103
20 Jan 2021, 01:56
Forum: Scenery Design
Topic: Lossiemouth and Brize Norton Projects
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Re: Lossiemouth and Brize Norton Projects

Just checking v0.6 and noticed on rwy 25(26) my AI would hold short and then eventually time out. Check in ADE and see the "no draw hold short node" is connected to the taxi link all the way to the runway link. No other EGVN AFDs in my system, no other AI traffic landing.